Thanks to everyone for their messages of condolence and support over the past few weeks - they really have been a great help. I have also really appreciated the respectful silence on DAS.... well, it's either that or nobody's had anything to say for a week and a half which, in my experience, is unlikely. See you in America.
23 May 2006

My mum

Just wanted to say sorry to the people who were due to come to our show in Amsterdam last night, particularly those who made wasted journeys. My mum died suddenly in the early hours of yesterday morning and so I just wanted to be at home with my family. Mum was a big Radiohead fan, and was very proud of all we've done as a band. I love and miss her very much.
11 May 2006


11 May 2006

Cancelled 2nd Night Show in Amsterdam

We're very sorry, but because of a sudden family bereavement, we have had to cancel tonight's second concert at the Heineken Concert Hall. We are trying to re - schedule the concert in Amsterdam later on in the summer. We will keep you posted here, and in the usual media. We are especially sorry to those people who have made a special effort to travel and see us play. At least it's been a sunny day here, and there's no finer place in the sun than Amsterdam.
10 May 2006


8 May 2006


26 April 2006