Winter 07

6 February 2007

kingdom come

"The economy is rolling along an endless plateau, and consumers are bored with the view. Something strange is needed to get them to sit up."

"The consumerist society is a kind of soft police state. We think we have a choice, but everything is compulsory. We have to keep buying or we fail as citizens."

"The danger is that consumerism will need something close to fascism in order to keep growing."

"We're like bored children. We've been on holiday for too long, and we've been given too many presents."

from Kingdom Come by J G Ballard
6 February 2007

A happy find


5 February 2007

in the conversation pit no4

tied up in a bag
fighting like crabs
feet in cement
brains made of treacle
i move in slow drag
this way and that
5 February 2007

in the conversation pit no3

avoid all eye contact
do not react
this is a round up
this a low flying panic attack
red crosses on wooden doors
if she floats she burns
loose talk around tables
abandon all reason
stay in the shadows
cheer at the gallows
this is alow flying panic attack
six the song of sixpence that goes

burn the witch
4 February 2007

more 2lines

hurling through the forest
the dancing bodies kick up the dust

there's only 15stages
then a frozen lake

the sea comes out to meet
empty of it's fishes

3 February 2007