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29 April 2007

How does it go?

28 April 2007

What was that?

25 April 2007

It goes like this

24 April 2007

Friends of the earth

this is for uk peeps only im afraid.

the british government is drawing up a climate change law..
committing us to reducing our co2 emmissions.
this is something i am helping friends of the earth uk campaign for.
(as well as working long hours with radiohead on these songs we've got which you may know about.)

if you got involved as well then thank you.. on behalf of us all...
(it is amazing what letters still can do.)
as is always the way..the bill at the moment is not quite what it should be, to say the least
as they seem to have forgotten about planes and ships..amongst other things.
there is a lot of column inches and internet space and conversation taking place about all this as you know on the subject of climate change.
and it all runs the risk of reaching saturation point. except that it is potentially the most terrifying problem the human world has ever had to face..
doing our bit.. flying less, etc etc (all those column inches) will not really have any effect unless the uk as a whole decides without excuses and backtracking that we want to really do something..
unless all of us accepts a law that we all must adhere to...
that has the desired effect rather than creating an illusion..

so if you can be arsed you can take part in saying what you think the bill should contain
this is a public consultation, as the government calls it
(except when it's about nuclear power..)

there is a page on the FOe website at the moment where you can do this

radiohead starts up again having finally caught up on some sleep next week
i have a cd of what we;'ve been up to...
and you haven't.

i must listen to it, after taking an ear break
that always makes me nervous
hope you're well

23 April 2007

Over your shoulder....

22 April 2007