Remixes by Lone, Pearson Sound and Four Tet

Issue number three of our remix series, in the shops on Monday 1st
August (Tuesday 9th August in the USA & Canada), and available to buy here:

29 July 2011

The King of Limbs - From The Basement broadcast

Our The King of Limbs - From The Basement programme is going to be aired in the USA this Saturday 23rd July at 9pm on Palladia, followed by a second showing on MTV2 the following Saturday.

Apologies for the delay getting From The Basement shown in the UK: the original broadcaster decided not to show it, but we are working on it getting it shown on another channel.

Photos by Steve Keros
20 July 2011

Bloom in Glastonbury

Yes it rains at the end, and the wet smudges the lights and everything spins out nicely.
We loved playing at Glastonbury, and can't wait to do it again soon

Thanks to Polar1one for making the video.
16 July 2011

Nathan Fake/Harmonic 313/Mark Pritchard remixes

So, here are the next remixes in our series,

They go on sale on Monday 18th from here (there is a slight delay on the vinyl in the US & Canada, so those will be in the shops on the 2nd August)

Just so you know, we're planning to put this series together on CD at the end.
15 July 2011

news international r.i.p.

by sheer coincidence i broke down in the middle of kent in my car.....
11 July 2011

Caribou/Jacques Greene Remixes

The first in a series of remixes on 12" vinyl will be released on Monday 4th July (or Tuesday in the US & Canada).

The series kicks off with Caribou remixing Little by Little, and a remix of Lotus Flower by Jacques Greene, both of which we we're really excited about.

Hopefully you will find the vinyl in your local independent record shop, but if not, you can buy by mailorder here from the 4th. If you don't have a record player, high quality digital WAV or FLAC versions will be available here, here and here, or as MP3 or WAV from our own site here. Or you can just listen to them here:

More 12" remixes will be released every couple of weeks over the summer until we run out of remixes... or summer. On the next one we've got Nathan Fake (Morning Mr Magpie) and remixes of Bloom by Mark Pritchard.

1 July 2011