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4 December 2006

hold it there don't move an inch

4 December 2006

week offf

i just got sent two really interesting requesting type letters this week ( a blessed week off from recording)

i get these things A LOT

but i wanted to let you know about these ones

becuase they ring bells in my head.. maybe they might with you..


Join the Stop Global Warming Virtual March on Washington.. dont know how many of you know about this in the US
but at last the issue seems to be everywhere for you as it is in the UK. the idea of a virtual petition in this instance seems like genius to me.

(i have also just finished george monbiots Heat book about global warming... and even though he's a mate of mine i recommend it as the ideal christmas present. well... that is if you dont mind being called a sourpuss or a scrooge. lots of my mates went to see him give talk at the sheldonian theatre in oxford which was very inspiring. if a little terrifying. but then what can be more terrifying than watching the trees not changing colour when they should. ok perhaps i should get out more.
it aint very rocknroll. but i long since pissed all that bullshit away.)


supermarket demand for fish ( not that i eat fish or meat ) has meant we are fishing to extinction . what i find particularly offensive are the enormous nets they use that drag everything up and well.... just have a read. supermarkets should be made to source their fish responsibly and governments should act in the intersest of our future to regulate for sustainable fishing. not this mass production/destruction shit. i respect peoples right to eat fish. but evertime i watch the guys in the band sitting down to their whatever it is with scales i quietly wonder how its arrived. and what was destroyed and killed or thrown away to get it....

sermon over. sorry.

we had a good week in the studio last week. finally things are growing.


20 November 2006

What we did at the seaside (and elsewhere)

9 November 2006


8 November 2006


Il Spaghetti Nigelli di West Finchli
18 October 2006